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Riikki Sukula produces top wines in the heart of the Barolo zone

Riikka SukulaWinemaker Riikka Sukula is originally from Finland, but fell in love with Piedmont and the famous wines when she traveled to the region. The story of Riikka is one of romance and fulfilled dreams. The nebbiolo vines of the Sukula estate surround the restored Riikka farmhouse. Here she lives with her daughters and the well-known Finnish chef Jyrki Sukula.

World-class Barolo, Langhe nebbiolo and Barbera d'Alba

The artisanal wine estate is located in the medieval village of Serralunga d'Alba in Piedmont, in the heart of the Barolo DOCG zone and has been producing world-class wines since 2006. The estate covers a little less than two hectares, which ensures an incredible attention to detail that is not always found at other wineries in the region. Due to the limited production size of the estate and a careful eye for quality, Sukula only produces 4,500 bottles per year and is considered a micro-producer in a region where many other wine domains are already quite small.

Sukula wines represent a truly artisan and high-quality product, with every step of the wine-making process being carried out by hand. The estate currently produces award-winning Barolo (Meriame cru), Langhe Nebbiolo and Barbera d'Alba.

Methodical approach is bearing fruit

Simultaneously with the renovation, Riikka studying wine-growing techniques with agronomist Gianpiero Romana and in 2006 produced the first wine year of the estate, a Langhe Rosso (Meriame Langhetta). Many of the original Nebbiolo vines were desperately in need of replanting. The replanting was completed slowly and methodically, always selecting only part of the vineyard at a time. By 2014 all necessary replanting of the rootstock had been completed.

Sukula's first Barolo vintage was bottled in 2007. Although Sukula has no decades of historical vintages to rest on, the wine that is produced is only the highest quality and receives praise from renowned wine critics around the world.

Always looking to the future, Riikka is currently enrolled in the interdisciplinary Master of Wine program at the nearby University of Gastronomic Sciences.

Properties of the Barolo Wine

The official Barolo DOCG zone consists of eleven of the most picturesque villages of northern Italy, including the municipality of Serralunga d'Alba, home of Azienda Agricola Sukula. This is one of the most productive and highly regarded wine production centers in the world, which extends between the hills of the Langhe in Piedmont.

It is not without reason that the Langhe is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This region has been producing wine since 500 BC and has five different wine-growing regions. Barolo is the most appreciated of these. Barolo is really a special and unique wine.

All Barolo wines are 100% nebbiolo. DOCG laws state that the wine must be mature for at least 38 months, 18 of which in wooden barrels. The wines are typically red in color and have an intense, characteristic odor.

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