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Guido Rivella has been Gaja's regular winemaker for over 40 years

Guido RivellaGuido Rivella's wines can be summed up in one word: Perfection. It is not surprising that Rivella, as Angelo Gaja's regular winemaker, has known a thing or two about making Barbaresco since 1970.

Guido Rivella has introduced the modern Barbaresco together with Angelo Gaja. Although the azienda was only established in 2010, the Rivella family owned practically the entire Montestefano cru in Barbaresco during the nineteenth century. Today, 70% of their grapes come from Montestefano, although they also lease 0.5 ha on Barbaresco's Fausoni cru in Neive from Silvia Rivella's in-laws.

Guido's daughter, Silvia, runs a fantastic B&B serving the finest organic and local products. Sleeping among the vineyards and above the ancient wine cellars is a dream come true in this part of the Piemonte

Barbaresco wines of the highest quality in Piemonte

The Rivellas carry out a green crop in August, leaving 30-33% of the bunches to encourage full maturation, which is not difficult, as most of their vines are between 40 and 60 years old. After the grapes are picked, they are immediately crushed and put in small steel barrels for fermentation (maximum 1800 Lt). Fermentation takes about 20 days. During these 20 days, the wine is pumped up and the skins gently pressed down. This is done to get as much flavor from the grapes as possible without breaking the seeds (green tannins). After these 20 days, the wine is transferred to wooden barrels (barrique) and the remaining juice is squeezed from the skin (no more than 15%). The wine is aged in barrique for 18/20 months and then in steel and concrete tanks for 5 months to stabilize it. Then the wine is ready to be bottled.

Rare Barbaresco wines with high scores

The rare Barbaresco wines of Guido Rivella are very much appreciated receiving high scores because of his craftmanship. Guido Rivella, being a small scale-producer, only uses the best grapes for his wines and takes the environment into account.


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