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Exclusive and rare Italian Wines

The Wine Connection imports exclusive and rare wines directly from the best Italian wine producers. All small wineries with excellent rates and internationally highly valued and appreciated among real wine lovers, wine insiders and fine (Michellin Star) restaurants.These artisan wine makers are very passionate and take all the time and care that is needed to create delicious wines of which some are considered as real masterpieces.

Rare and highly recommended Italian Wines available at The Wine Connection. Discover excellent wineries such as  Podere le Ripi and Cerbaiona and let's connect.


Italian Wineries

Cerbaiona - Montalcino

Podere Le Ripi - Montalcino

Montemercurio - Montepulciano

Tenuta La Massa - Chianti

Podere della Civettaja - Arezzo

Corino - Piemonte

Nada Fiorenzo - Piemonte

Guido Rivella - Piemonte

Sukula - Piemonte

Cesare Bussolo - Piemonte

Ernesto Ruffo - Veneto

TOROS - Collio Friulano

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